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Caring is More Than Time: Families and Caregiving Finances

Providing care for a family member in need is a task that includes not only giving your time, care, and patience, but it also means supplying financial care.  Financial assistance for someone in need of extra care means providing everyday items including groceries, medical items, home aides to help in home mobility, and much more.

Stay Healthy and Stress Free During Holiday Travel!

  We all want to be with our families over the holidays especially us at HomeAideLLC, and that sometimes requires traveling . Traveling can be very stressful, uncomfortable, and may cause you to be sick. Through much research and considering all conditions, we have compiled a list of things to take into account when embarking

HomeAideLLC’s Seasonal Newsletter is Here!

HomeAideLLC’s Seasonal Newsletter is Here!  All of us at HomeAideLLC would like to share our Seasonal Newsletter with you! Included in the newsletter you will find  fall safety tips, a great pumpkin seed recipe, new services & announcements, and more! You can even print it out to complete our fall word search puzzle! Just click

Does Your Heart Need a Flu Shot?

Does Your Heart Need a Flu Shot? As winter is quickly approaching we at HomeAideLLC are wondering, “Should we get a flu shot?” There are many positive reasons one should get the flu shot, for example the obvious, preventing the flu which unfortunately, the winter weather brings us. There have been recent studies proving more benefits of

October 1st is International Day for Older Persons!

October 1st is International Day for Older Persons! International Day for Older Persons began in December 1990, and was first celebrated on October 1st 1991. This day was created to raise awareness of hardships that our elderly go through such as senior abuse and neglect. This day was also created to encourage people to appreciate

September is National Aging Month!

  As aging is inevitable, there are ways to stay sharp, keep your mind active, and continue cognitive growth. As with any type of exercise, keeping yourself active will strengthen the muscles you are working. To keep your mind active at any age, start with the foundations of learning; reading, writing, and problem solving. Read:

My parents refuse to move to a senior living community!

Are you prepared for the possibility that your parents may not want to live in a senior living community? There are a number of ways to handle this type of situation. Give them time to contemplate. What if your parents refuse to live in a senior living community? Once you’ve had the conversation and toured

Assisted Living Vs. Skilled Nursing

Do you know the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care? Many families, sooner or later, will find themselves standing beside the hospital bed of a parent. At that time, a social worker or case manager might approach you and your mom or dad about needing skilled nursing or assisted living care. Most of us know

When a Loved One Says, “I Want to Go Home”

By Emeritus Senior Living By the editors of  It can be one of the more wrenching sentences to hear when your loved one with dementia has been relocated for safety’s sake: “I want to go home.” Yet it’s also surprisingly common. Here’s how to interpret and respond to a plea to “go home.” Know that it’s