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Childcare: Your Options

Parents with busy work schedules are sometimes required to hire childcare. Whether the type of care you need is part-time, full time, hourly, daily, or nannying all depends on HOW busy parents’ schedules are. How much time parents are away from home also plays a large factor in what kind of childcare you need.

In some cases when both parents are involved and one parent works full time, the other a stay at home parent, childcare could be used to aid a stay-at-home parent with their daily activities. For example if the stay-at-home parent is involved in extracurricular activities like charity work, volunteering or heavy involved their hobbies, hourly childcare can be useful while taking care of those activities. Or if all household duties errands fall on the stay-at home parent, an hourly childcare aide can be used to briefly relieve that parent while they take care of those errands.

When both parents work full-time, daily childcare is a great option. When children are too young to attend school, there is a need for consistent childcare to provide stability and a set schedule. Daily childcare will give parents the sense of reassurance they need to be productive at work and get home as soon as possible.

Although there are only two listed situations among the hundreds of parenting combinations, there are many ways to create stability for children while ensuring parents grow in their careers and provide for their families. There are two main different childcare categories, out-of-home childcare and in-home childcare. Out-of-home childcare is great for introducing children into a social environment and allowing them to interact with different children and caregivers. This is best when children are toddlers and older. If you have an infant, or think that your child may not be ready for a social environment, in-home childcare may be the best option for you.

In-home childcare allows parents to continue to allow their children to be raised in the stable environment that they created for their family. It allows children to feel secure in their own homes while parents are away, giving parents the peace of mind they need, and comfort in knowing their children are comfortable and safe.
Having many childcare options to choose from really makes going back to work after baby more tolerable. Providing for your family and being able to pick up your career where you left it is a great feeling. We at HomeAideLLC are proud to be able to provide great service and the trust you need to care for your children when you are away.

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