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Quality childcare can be defined in many different ways depending on your standards. All parents have the same general standards that are important to everyone including cleanliness, safety, physical activity, and cognitive stimulation. With many different options for childcare, there is bound to be one option to appease all standards and budgets. On the rise, is in-home childcare from quality homecare companies. We will cover a few of the main types of childcare along with some unconventional childcare options you may not have heard of before.

Starting with the most obvious forms of childcare: Traditional Daycare. Traditional daycare is what most parents turn to first. It is the most common and one of the largest utilized options in the childcare industry. The major pros are the vast amounts of resources including equipment, toys, educational games, and socialization. It’s a great start to anyone looking to introduce their toddlers in new environments. The major cons of traditional daycare include the lack of convenience. A lot of times, getting a child ready and out the door can take a long time and a lot of trouble. Another major con is that you give up full control of what happens to your child during the day. Granted most of the time children are safe and facilities are state regulated, but the reality is that there is always a glimmer of uncertainty when it comes to traditional daycare outside of the home.

The next form of childcare that is on the opposite side of the spectrum is Hiring a Nanny. The upside to nannying is that you are able to build trust with one person that is available and working within your terms. Another great aspect to hiring a nanny is that they are mobile and will come to your home so that your child is under care inside the safety of your home. One con is that the one person you hire and put all of your trust in, doesn’t come with a backup plan. There is no staff or agency to respond to your needs if your nanny falls ill, or has a personal emergency. The burden falls on parents and sometimes poses a great inconvenience.

The last form of childcare is hiring a homecare agency that provides Certified Caregivers. Similar to nannying, caregivers will travel to your home to take care of your child(ren) while parents are busy in the workforce. Major pros to this option is that caregivers not only take care of your children while providing fun, education, and physical activity, but they also aide in household chores such as cooking, light cleaning, and even help with transportation. This is also great because even though you are hiring a company, you typically get the same caregivers on a set schedule so your child gets that personal connection and stability while enabling parents and family to build trust.

Choosing the proper childcare for children is a great responsibility and can be a very difficult decision. We highly suggest looking into multiple options before deciding and reviewing each and every detail of all options. Ultimately, parents know their children’s needs and know what is best.

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