Direct Care

In-Home Caregiving

We offer a variety of care giving services that promote health and wellness for you or your

loved one in need!

Direct In-Home Care Giving in Livonia, MI


Often times, seniors just need a friend, aide, or someone to listen to them. We provide genuine amity to our clients to satisfy their need for companionship and care to ensure healing & happiness.

Recuperative Care

Memory Loss, Alzheimer's, & Dementia Care-Giving services Livonia MI

Whether your recovering from a knee replacement, an auto accident, or undergoing cancer treatment, we can help you with your daily activities & home care until you get back on your feet.

Alzheimer’s Care

Memory Loss, Alzheimer's, & Dementia Care-Giving services Detroit MI

Allowing our clients to complete their daily activities on their own, while assisting only when needed is an important way to ensure they keep independence and confidence.

Personal Care

We assist with showering, dressing, incontinent care, denture care, shaving, nail care and any other need that may be too uncomfortable to have a family member do. Dignity and respect is #1. 


Allowing seniors to be active with their daily activities and errand is very important. We offer accompaniment to all appointments and activites from doctor visits to hair appointments.

Medication Monitoring

Keeping medications organized & stored properly is crucial. We provide medication reminders, individualized solutions to organizing, & proper storage of medications.

Range of Motion Exercises

Our caregivers assist and monitor exercise programs designed by physical therapists. It is important to help maintain and advance the physical health of our clients.

Home Safety Assessment

We offer a comprehensive in home safety assessment to help manage risk of falls, and suggestions to hazard proof your home. We also offer advice on home-safety improvements.

Meal Preparation

Providing healthy and nutritious meals for your loved one and including them in cooking the meals is an enjoyable activity. We also monitor food expiration and discard unsafe food items

Light Housekeeping

Keeping a home clean and sanitary is an important factor in sustaining proper health. We are more than happy to help with light housekeeping. Including laundry, dishes, sanitizing and more..

Injury Care

We provide injury care not only for seniors, but for your loved ones of any age. Physical therapy, errand aides, and accompaniment are few of the many things we do for injury clients.

Post-Hospital Care

Providing the proper care for those who are recently out of the hospital is crucial for a speedy recovery process. We give the care and attention needed to ensure improvement.

Home Aide Complete understands the need for elderly individuals to maintain and lead dignified and independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Home Aide is unique in that we offer a comprehensive list of affordable non-medical services to meet the needs of you and your family.

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