Does Your Heart Need a Flu Shot?

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Does Your Heart Need a Flu Shot?

As winter is quickly approaching we at HomeAideLLC are wondering, “Should we get a flu shot?” There are many positive reasons one should get the flu shot, for example the obvious, preventing the flu which unfortunately, the winter weather brings us. There have been recent studies proving more benefits of getting the flu shot than just that. The flu shot can not only prevent the flu, but it may aide in preventing the risk heart of attack and stroke. In a combined study of 6,000 people with an average age of 67, researchers were able to prove a strong connection between heart disease and the flu shot.

To better explain the connection between the flu shot and heart health, Dr. David Frid of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio states, “What happens is when somebody either has cardiovascular disease or is at risk of cardiovascular disease, the stress of having influenza—an upper respiratory infection—can precipitate a stress or strain on the person, which can increase their likelihood of having some type of cardiovascular event.”

In conclusion, getting the flu shot can only pose positive cardiovascular effects on those who chose to get one. It keeps the flu away, while at the same time preventing you heart extra strain due to sickness. Protect your health against the flu, and protect your heart against heart attack and stroke, and consult with your doctor today.


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