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We are so excited spring is here and with that, we have some great tips on how to stay healthy an feel invigorated in this wonderful season.

Typically it is assumed that people tend to get sick most frequently in the long, cold winter months. But, the only reason people tend to get sick more frequently in the winter is because we all run inside, shut the doors, and constantly breathe the same recycled air. This is why colds and viruses travel so well in the winter, because they are trapped inside where people gather.

The same colds and viruses live on during spring and here are some ways to avoid getting sick so you can enjoy the weather.

  1. SPRING CLEANING: Since everyone has been bundled inside all winter long, now is the time to disinfect, de-clutter, and dust! Get rid of all the muggy dirt left over from the winter and throw away or store things you don’t need. You would be surprised at how fresh and clean your home can feel when you just put away the clutter.
  2. CLEANSE: Not only should you cleanse your homes, but even more importantly you should cleanse your BODY. Spring is the time to incorporate all of the new, fresh produce that you see popping up in grocery stores. You should also consider eating more lightly. This does not mean eating LESS, it means choosing better foods to help you want to get up and get out into the world. For example take your hearty meat and gravy main dishes and substitute them for grilled vegetables, marinara sauces, rice, quinoa and Asian inspired meals. Also try a new workout or just take it outside for new scenery.
  3. RECHARGE YOUR MIND: Now that the snow is finally melting and the holidays are officially over for the winter, take time for yourself and concentrate on what you want this year to bring you. Get rid of any toxic energy you have looming over you and start bring more positivity you’re your life. Find a new hobby that imbeds joy into your soul. Do something for yourself that you weren’t able to do throughout the winter. Just making yourself happier can help your health in tremendous ways.
  4. EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES: “Let food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food.” When you feed your body the nutrients it needs to sustain a proper level of health, your body will just ward off sickness and you will be untouchable. Eat more than the “recommended” amounts of fruits and vegetables you have been told to consume, and make your body a virus-fighting temple for nutrition! Look into whole-food based nutrition like smoothies, juicing, and Juice Plus & find new ways to nourish your body.

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