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When we accept providing alternate care options for our family members, especially elderly parents, there are many thoughts that we start to process in our minds.

Will they take CARE of my parent(s) as good as I would?

Will they be NICE to them?

Will they take ADVANTAGE of them?

Will they keep them SAFE?

Will they RESPECT their belongings?

The fact of the matter is that “1 in 10 Americans 60 and over have experienced some form of elder abuse”.
Inviting someone into your home is already difficult, these additional concerns can be quite overwhelming. ThIS situation is why as an In-Home Elderly Care Company, we have many ways in which we screen our caregivers and maintain our trusting relationship with clients.

Below are questions that we answerd from a previous article we found on AARP’s website called “The Stranger in your Home” by Rick Schmidt. We think these questions are MOST important to ask your care providers and while showing you these questions, we will answer them!

  • What training do we do to guarantee there won’t be misconduct?
    –  HomeAideLLC does extensive background checks
    –  Reference Checks
    –  Orientation with information on respecting clients in their homes
    –  Policies on expected behavior
    –  Driving record analysis
  • Do we conduct in-home elderly care reviews?
    –  Yes, we do quality management reviews on all caregivers.
  • Are aides insured and bonded through your agency?
    –  YES!
  • How do you recruit home health aides, and what are your hiring requirements?
    –  We mostly do our own recruiting from marketing and referrals. We also seek advanced nursing school students looking for careers in home care.
  • What are your hiring requirements?
    –  CPR & First Aid Certified
    –  Previous elderly care = to 1 year OR more
    –  CNA preferred
    –  Driver license & insurance required
    –  Outstanding work history and references

What we do as a company is CARE. By caring, we make ourselves aware of what is possible, and prevent injustice from happening. We at HomeAideLLC are determined to GAIN and MAINTAIN the trust of our clients and their families. Our passion drives us to provide the bests care possible, and we will stop at nothing to set the bar high as leaders in the home care industry.

These are just some of the few questions you should ask your home care providers. For the full article and more information visit: http://www.aarp.org/bulletin/

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