September is National Aging Month!

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As aging is inevitable, there are ways to stay sharp, keep your mind active, and continue cognitive growth. As with any type of exercise, keeping yourself active will strengthen the muscles you are working. To keep your mind active at any age, start with the foundations of learning; reading, writing, and problem solving.

Read: Always have reading material on hand that you are interested in, and actively reading everyday. Reading improves concentration, focus, and memory skills while maximizing imagination and providing serenity.

Write: Writing can be used as a form of expression, and is great for mental AND physical health. It acts as a type of emotional therapy, stress relief, and can help with physical issues such as arthritis.

Problem Solving: Staying progressive with problem solving activities such as puzzles, crosswords, and interactive games is a great way to be creative. These can help with memory function, as well as be a fun activity if your are alone, or as a whole family. Problem solving is also a “mind set” that brings people to function at their best, and stay positive and proactive.

Stay active keep learning, and have fun!


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