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Ways to Prevent: Senior Isolation

There are many benefits we experience everyday with our active, social lives that we don’t even realize we have. From the physical benefits of just being able to get up and go, to the emotional benefits of visiting someone and seeing a happy face, we may not notice that these are the things to contribute

Feel Refreshed & Be Healthy This Spring

We are so excited spring is here and with that, we have some great tips on how to stay healthy an feel invigorated in this wonderful season. Typically it is assumed that people tend to get sick most frequently in the long, cold winter months. But, the only reason people tend to get sick more

How to avoid falls

The weather has been relatively mild on the South Shore so far this year, but it’s time to brace for the storms that are almost certain to come in the near future. A couple of Massachusetts physical therapists, Ashley Saulnier and Kate Gebski, have some good advice for anyone who wants to avoid falls on