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There are many benefits veterans can receive to assist in paying for the care they need. We care about linking our veterans to the proper aid and the company that can suit their needs the best. More than one third of seniors are US war Veterans and only a small portion of these veterans are aware of the benefits they can receive. This article includes links and snippets of information from government websites and A Place for Mom that can help our veterans get the care and aide they deserve.

Below is the first tier of eligibility requirements from the A Place for Mom website:


The foremost eligibility requirement is the service requirement. The veteran must have served at least 1 day during wartime. The dates that the VA considers wartime are below:

• World War II: 12/7/1941 through 12/31/1946
• Korean Conflict: 6/27/1950 through 1/31/1955
• Vietnam War: 8/5/1964 through 5/7/1975, although veterans who served in Vietnam itself (“in country”) as early as 2/28/1961 may also qualify.
• Gulf War: 8/2/1990 to date to be determined by U.S. government

There are different types of compensation plans and different tiers of VA benefits. There are 3 tiers of pension plans listed on the A Place for Mom website:

• Basic Pension: Basic Pension is designed to function as cash assistance for low income veterans and their dependents, so applicants may be healthy, but must have a very low income.
• Housebound Benefit: For the second tier, Housebound, assistance with day to day activities must be needed “regular basis.”
• Aid and Attendance: Assistance must be required on a “daily basis.”

Compensation plans listed on VA website go into more detail on who is eligible and what you need to do to apply.


To apply for VA health care or determine eligibility, call the VA’s Health Benefits Service Center at (877) 222-VETS, or contact a Veterans Benefits Office or VA health care facility (find the nearest location at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). The VA Website suggests obtaining an E Benefits Account online. They also suggest gathering your records such as discharge papers, dependency records and medical evidence of disabilities.

View A Place for Mom’s EBook for more information on eligibility qualifications & Aide & Attendance.

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