The Benefits of Technology for the Elderly: Aging in Place

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This is a new era of technology that has been advancing vastly. Our lives have been transformed by the various ways we can use technology from your phone being the new tv to answering texts through a wrist watch. Most importantly within the health field, technology has been revolutionized to help elderly live healthier lives. These advances can benefit the elderly to live longer and to prevent any harm to their health. There are many types of advancements that aid to their new found longevity and

One of the recent developments is wearable tracking devices that are essential to keeping elderly safe and healthy. For instance, these wearable tracking devices can detect falls and long periods of non-movement and notify emergency services. These devices have built-in medication reminders and if need be, can read out dosage instructions if the user asks for them. Some wearable tracking devices go a step further with adding a series of sensors around the home. These sensors can notify family members if medications have been taken, meals haven’t been missed and the user is moving around normal. This creates a network that helps connect to family members that may live a distance away or to emergency services to call for help when needed. Other features within a wearable tracking device include:

  • Monitoring heart beats
  • Rate and depth of breathing
  • Body temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration in blood
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of any part of the body
  • And much more…

The development of medical tech is Medication Alarms. These devices can come with an automatic pill dispenser that alarms up to twenty-four times per day to never miss a prescription again. These alarms can be beneficial when elderly forget to take medication on time, take too many doses at once, get different pills mixed up, and intake another dose too soon after the first one. If a dosage is missed, the alarm will notify your caregiver via phone call, e-mail or text message that the medication was missed.
The newest advancement of is a Medical Airbag. The medical airbag can detect when a fall is about to happen and quickly opens a gas inflation mechanism. This device is an airbag built into a belt that prevents the risk of falling and breaking a hip. Elderly people can feel safe and protected with reduced hip impact.

The last advancement of technology is being able to contact Doctor Specialists via Virtual. These virtual visits can be used by video, telephone, or software for people who might be homebound for various reasons. These virtual calls allow doctors to use their time efficiently by asking various medical questions that you may be dealing with, any concerns you have, and if need be prescribing you medication. This calling service may help you decide if you need to go to the emergency room, urgent care center or whether the issue might be handled over the phone.

The productions of new technology in healthcare are advancing rapidly. New technologies appear every day that is designed to improve and help the lives of elderly people. Providing some of these devices can help contact emergency services and ensure the safety of them.

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