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Getting the correct prescriptions for seniors can be a challenge. People over 60 react differently to prescriptions because as you age, absorption, metabolism and distribution changes in your body. Unfortunately, the elderly have stronger reactions to the wrong prescriptions. Not only will some cause discomfort, but can also be fatal. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Doctors help guide us to optimum health, but this does not mean you shouldn’t find out more information about the prescriptions you or your loved one are given on your own.

Below is a list of medications seniors should avoid from

Medications the elderly should avoid:

• Carbinoxamine
• Chlorpheniramine
• Dicyclomine
• Hyoscyamine
• Propantheline
• Clonidine
• Guanabenz
• Guanfacine
• Methyldopa

Why should the above medications be avoided?

• There are safer and more effective medications available
• Causes side effects such as dizziness & blurred vision which can cause a major fall
• Some cause dry mouth which can contribute to loss of appetite
• Especially for people with dementia, a lot of these drugs can cause serious effects such as stroke and death

The more medications you are prescribed, the greater chance of detrimental negative reactions that can occur from them. Go for more natural & herbal substitutions if possible. Here is a list of non-drug supplements that can serve as alternatives.

Glucosamine – Great aid for bone health – helps relieve joint pain and osteoporosis.
Fish Oil – Fish oil is great for the heart. It can strengthen your heart and lower blood pressure
Acupuncture & Massage Therapy – these non-invasive treatments can help restore nerve function, reduces stress and promotes circulation.
Echinacea – Helps lessen the severity of a cold in seniors which could lead to more serious health issues.
St. John’s Wart – Helps with depression and Alzheimer’s symptoms.
Melatonin – Can help regulate a healthy sleep cycle.

*Please consult your doctor or licensed health professional before trying any of the above supplements. Some of these supplements may not be safe when mixed with prescriptions.*

All of the above suggestions have different effects on everyone. Do not try to self-medicate. If you are more interested in herbal alternatives, seek a Holistic doctor in your area. Always consult with a professional when changing someone’s medical regime and do your research.

Prescriptions can be very helpful, or very harmful. Never be afraid to ask your doctor questions on your current prescriptions, or something you may be interested in trying. There are many ways we can achieve optimum health for our seniors and each path should be visited. Make sure you, and the ones you love are being prescribed correctly so we can all live life to the fullest at any stage in life.

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