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There are many benefits we experience everyday with our active, social lives that we don’t even realize we have. From the physical benefits of just being able to get up and go, to the emotional benefits of visiting someone and seeing a happy face, we may not notice that these are the things to contribute to being the happy & healthy people we are.

Seniors can very easily become isolated. Senior isolation is very serious and can even cause a shorter life expectancy. Unfortunately this is very common in seniors, but there are MANY ways it can be prevented.

PETS: Getting our seniors a pet can inspire them to get out and be social. Pets become partners in crime and promote exercise, companionship, and liveliness. It has been proven that people no matter what age are 20% happier when they have a pet.

TRANSPORTATION: Having the proper transportation available can promote activity in seniors. Getting wheelchair accessible vehicle attachments and car accessories like the Handy Bar are some of the ways to make transportation more comfortable and accommodating.

HOME CARE: Hiring a home care company and scheduling weekly visits will give seniors something to look forward to. Seeing a friendly, familiar face will brighten up their day and having someone to partner with will advocate activity outside of their homes.

HYGENE: Encouraging proper hygiene will give seniors the confidence to go out into public with a sense of self-assurance. Scheduling salon/barber appointments with their favorite stylist will give them the spunk they need to be social.

HEARING & VISION: Encouraging hearing and vision tests will ensure that seniors are functioning at their best. Not being able to hear or see properly might contribute to them feeling like isolating themselves. It can be embarrassing when you begin to realize you are losing something you have always had and need to function in society.

FAMILY: Family involvement is very important for everyone. Promoting involvement in family activities will make them feel like they are a part of something great. Have them tag along to newest generation’s games, recitals and events and they will always have something to look forward to.

We all know how much our elderly family members love us so we should show them the same. Always be sure to keep a close eye on those who have lost a loved one. This may be the best time to introduce a new pet, plant, garden, or home care company. Catering to their interests will stimulate cooperation with any of the tips listed above. Dig deep to really find out what they like and you should find success in all the ways of preventing isolation.

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